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Sponsorships are available for purchasing three or more tickets to be used for yourself and your guests or for being donated for use by veterans and their spouses or surviving spouses. Sponsorships range from $100 up through $1,200 and offer various additional benefits and recognition as outlined on the registration form. Sponsorships can be purchased either using PayPal on this page or completing the registration form and mailing it to the address provided. A confirmation of purchase/501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization letter will be sent to you. You must provide the names of all of your party NLT November 6th for seating planning and then all guests must go to the registration table at the banquet to receive their seat assignment. Please identify any elected officials or other dignitaries at your table that should receive special recognition. You can designate that your tickets or tables be donated and will be given to veterans and their spouses or surviving spouses.

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